10 Famed Individuals Who Really are Frightened Of Flying

We are all afraid of something in our environment. We chose not to interfere with our regular routine. As is usually the case, every human being is petrified of any wariness.

What are the causes?

There is no single cause of aerophobia; rather, the fear is caused by a combination of factors. The fear of heights can be inherited genetically, or it can be modeled on children by their parents.

What percentage of people are afraid of flying?

  • Anxiety about flying affects between 33% and 40% of all persons. 
  • Sixty percent of sufferers have generalized anxiety during the flight (and in the days preceding up to it), which they can easily handle on their own.

Here are some of the most known individuals who fear flying:
  • Mohammed Ali

  • Dennis Bergkamp
  • Cher

  • Aretha Franklin

  • Whoopi Goldberg 

  • Glenda Jackson

  • Michael Jackson

  • Stanley Kubrick

  • Ronald Reagan

  • Joanne Woodward 

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